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New trailer for The Shallows teaches you all about self-reliance


blake lively, the shallows

The pool appears to be a mighty fine option after getting another look at THE SHALLOWS via the film's new trailer, released today by Columbia Pictures.

Who the hell wants to go out into open water like Blake Lively when the chances of a shark circling you as a meal, while extremely remote, still exist? I'm okay on shore where we can bring water for me to be able to swim... and don't they have those surfing machines already for people who want to hang ten without the threat of being eaten hanging over their heads?

The marketing campaign for the film has been incredibly intense, working at a nice pace of establishing the serenity of this remote paradise before it ratchets up the fear with the introduction of the shark and... This has white-knuckle nail-biter written all over it. 

THE SHALLOWS floats into theaters on June 29.




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