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New trailer for thriller Shut In starring Naomi Watts & Jacob Tremblay hits


When I heard the title SHUT IN I thought it was a biopic about my life. Instead it's a creepy new horror/thriller starring Naomi Watts. Watts is no stranger to horror or thrillers, starring in both MULHOLLAND DRIVE and THE RING.

Here's the new trailer, also starring Jacob Tremblay from ROOM (not to be confused with THE ROOM):

Looks pretty good. While I'm not really a fan of "creepy kid" movies (mainly because they're never scary to me), I feel like the psychological aspect (feeling guilt for her son and the new adopted one) seems to elevate the material. Also you can't go wrong with Naomi Watts, who is an amazing actress and always puts 100% into her work. 

The film, directed by Farren Blackburn (what an awesome name!) and co-starring Oliver Platt, comes out in theaters November 11th, 2016. 

You guys feeling this? What's your favorite Watts performance?

Extra Tidbit: Naomi Watts guest-starred on BOJACK HORSEMAN as herself.
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