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New trailer wants you to say hello to The Bye Bye Man


the bye bye man, stx entertainment

I will take seriously any movie that employs Serious Movie Trailer Guy to set the tone for what I'm about to see... But it's a little bit difficult when the film that guy is hired to talk up is titled THE BYE BYE MAN. When it's a horror flick, that makes it doubly as hard. 

But STX Entertainment is really hoping to sell you on this "Based on true events" story about a mysterious entity that makes people do awful things and all they have to do is say "The Bye Bye Man" enough. It's such a ridiculous thing to say. Why would they even utter it once? I guess that's the secret to being evil. Have a goofy name and people's low expectations allow you to get away with murder... literally. 

THE BYE BYE MAN says hello to theaters on June 3.



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