New version of He-Man movie gets writers

I thought, nay hoped, that when the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie was dropped by Warner Bros. that it would slowly fade back into development hell. But Sony Pictures picked up the rights to the property in the fall and in the first sign that they're serious about actually developing it, they've hired PREDATORS writers Mike Finch and Alex Litvak to work on the script.

Now I'm not saying a MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie couldn't work. I've seen enough episodes of the 80s cartoon (read: all of them) and owned enough toys that I constructed my own storylines with (venturing into TMI territory) that I realize the world is rich enough to sustain a movie. But the margin for error is so very high. It's a dude who wears underwear, has bangs and rides around on a green tiger. Not exactly the easiest thing to translate.

The project had been in development with John Stevenson (KUNG-FU PANDA) attached to direct but it seems that all previous scripts will be tossed and Finch and Litvak will be starting from scratch. They recently pitched Sony and Mattel both on a vision that would satisfy audiences and the toy company (i.e., there wouldn't be TOO many homosexual undertones).

Extra Tidbit: Would it be too much to ask for a writing credit on that Teela / She-Ra lesbian scene? I mean I practically created that back when I was 11.
Source: THR



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