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New Wall-E footage!!

Oct. 4, 2007by:

Just the other day saw a brand new, official teaser for Disney/Pixar's WALLE. Well, we here at have something even cooler for you - a first look at a new promo reel for WALLE. This clip below includes your first look at WALLE's love interest EVE as well as the space station/cruise ship Axiom, where the human race is currently living. There's a LOT here that wasn't seen in either of the trailers and as a bonus we get writer/director Andrew Stanton talking about the film. I'm not exactly sure where the clip came form but it looks similar to clips that run before the feature on Disney DVDs. Perhaps it's something that was included on today's release of THE JUNGLE BOOK? Who knows, but wherever it came from, it's a treat for us all! Thanks to our anonymous source (you know who you are!) for the scoop!

Clip removed at the request of Disney/Pixar



Latest Entertainment News Headlines

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