New Wall-E trailer!

The new WALL-E trailer wasn't supposed to go online until tomorrow (at Yahoo! Movies) but those rascally French have beat our US counterparts to the punch. Allocine has the new 1:30 teaser trailer for WALL-E online now in a surprisingly decent quality. About half of it is footage we saw before in the original teaser. But the new stuff is all gold. I described part of it in my brief WALL-E Comic-Con report and those of you who weren't able to see any of that footage need to check this out. Just the Pixar logo segment alone is priceless. It's good to see Disney is getting behind WALL-E with some might and pushing it hard this early. This has the potential to be a big, big hit (the movie is almost 10 months away and my kids already LOVE Wall-E just from the trailer) and one of the most unconventional studio animated films, well, ever! June seems so far away (but it always does when it comes to Pixar films).

Source: Allocine



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