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New Watchmen pic!


Things have been relatively quiet on the WATCHMEN front as filming wraps up and director Zack Snyder begins the lengthy post-production process. But to celebrate the end of filming, Snyder popped up on the film's official site yesterday with some kind words for the cast, crew and even the fans.>

I figure it's a good time to say thanks to the Watchmen fans for all of their continued support. Since the crew got wrap gifts, I figured you deserved a little something as well. So, to bring a little closure to the previous "Storyboard" blog, I've included a frame from the film that shows what it looks like when it all comes together. - Zack Snyder

It's a pretty self-explanatory pic but if you can get past Rorschach setting a dude ablaze, I just love the look of this shot. The lighting and texture are all what I was hoping for in a WATCHMEN film. I'd love to be able to tell you more about the film from our trip to the set but we're still under a heavy embargo. Hopefully that will be lifted soon and we can share all we know. For now, enjoy this new pic!

Source: Warner Bros.



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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