New werewolf project

It's been a long dog-gone time since the hirsute masterpiece AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON first chewed our hides, and decent cheapies like DOG SOLDIERS and GINGER SNAPS are hardly enough to sate the hunger of lycanthrope fans constantly dodging nasty silver bullets like BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE and SKINWALKERS.

Maybe it's almost time for the hairy creatures to prowl again. Benicio del Toro's remake of THE WOLF MAN is getting ready to howl at the camera, and now another cool-sounding werewolf flick is in the works. Warner Bros. has writer Patrick Smith Kelly (DON'T SAY A WORD) adapting Kit Whitfield’s werewolf novel BENIGHTED. The story is set in a world where almost the entire population transforms into werewolves (or “lunes”) during a full moon, leaving the remaining humans to police their bloodthirsty behavior.

The studio grabbed rights to the book last summer, with NARNIA director Andrew Adamson expected to direct some time after he's done with the kiddies and CG beasts.
Extra Tidbit: BENIGHTED was originally published in the UK as BAREBACK. You might be able to guess why they changed it for the US release.
Source: Variety



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