New Wolvie deets

When I read what Dominic Monaghan said about Hugh Jackman’s physique in the upcoming WOLVERINE film, I suddenly felt the three rolls of blubber that embrace my abdomen more than ever. I felt them and I loathe them.

Monaghan was recently on Jay Leno where he said he was done shooting his role, and then divulged his lust for Hugh Jackman’s impressive physique: "I don't think I've ever seen a guy in real life look that good. We were doing a scene at night where he was doing press-ups. Not to get his biceps or his shoulders bigger, but to get the veins on his biceps and shoulders bigger."

Also, this might interest some of the poker fans out there. On a recent interview with the Edge 102—a radio station that I grew up with in Toronto—poker champ Phil Helmuth showed us his cards and revealed he and poker champ Daniel Negreanu will have cameos during a poker game scene that is interrupted by an unwanted guest. My guess is Sabretooth (Live Schrieber) will come roaring in, but rumor has it the unwanted (or rather uninvited) guest is Kathy Griffin might show up instead. Stay tuned.

Extra Tidbit: Who here wouldn't do Jackman?
Source: Cinematical



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