Newer Jack City?

More than 15 years after druglord Nino Brown rose to power, a sequel to NEW JACK CITY is in the works. Like many studios looking to take advantage of home format viability with archived brands, Warner Bros. has been rifling through their back catalog recently (a LOST BOYS follow-up is also on the way) -- so unsurprisingly, NEW JACK 2 will most likely be heading straight to a DVD player near you.

Despite the shaky status of some of the original stars (seriously, who thought Pookie would go on to the biggest career after that?), the new flick will likely be associated with the original by title only. In fact, the story comes from an original spec script that will be loosely converted to a NEW JACK CITY tale about a gangsta-turned-cop defending his 'hood.

Meanwhile, someone, somewhere, is surely working diligently on HOLLOW MAN 3. I hope.
Extra Tidbit: Here's a head-spinner: In BAADASSSSS!, original NEW JACK star/director Mario Van Peebles directs himself playing his father Melvin directing himself in the cult blaxploitation movie SWEET SWEETBACK'S BAADASSSS SONG.
Source: Moviehole.net



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