News Sure to Confuse Old People: Universal making Bakugan movie

And yes, I consider myself in that group of confused old people as I have no idea what the hell BAKUGAN is. I'm vaguely aware of it as some sort of cartoon-cum-toy by way of "Pokemon." Something about cards and robots and balls and girls in short skirts. I even tried to read the Wikipedia page to make sense of it all and couldn't make it past the first paragraph (though it was described as Japanese-Canadian, which made me laugh).

It seems though as despite my best efforts, Hollywood is not making movies tailor-made to my interests knowledge-base and Universal is developing a BAKUGAN movie. Harald Zwart (THE KARATE KID) is attached to direct the film with Scott Stuber (SCOTT PILGRIM) producing for the studio.

I'm told that BAKUGAN was named Toy of the Year two years in a row by some toy people who are presumably in the know of what kids badger their parents into spending a lot of money on.

While this all seems foreign and silly to me because it came out when I was in my mid-20s, is it really any sillier than TRANSFORMERS? And at least it has girls in short skirts...

Extra Tidbit: Is that kid wearing sweatbands to play a game of Bakugan?
Source: The Wrap



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