Nic a son of a Witch

Nicolas Cage's hair is prepared to go medieval on our asses. Cage and his hair have signed on to star in the upcoming supernatural thriller SEASON OF THE WITCH about a 14th century knight transporting a witch believed to be responsible for the Black Plague. So it's like 3:10 TO YUMA meets Medieval Times meets a bad wig? For the film, Cage's do will reteam with director Dominic Sena who last worked with the actor and his hair on GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS. WITCH was previously in development at Columbia but was placed in turnaround where it was picked up by Relativity Media (THE BANK JOB). The script was written by Bragi Schut who created the shortlived Carla Gugino series "Threshold" for CBS. Filming on WITCH (which no doubt will end with Donovan's classic song) will begin this November in Austria and Hungary. Cage's hair can be seen next in KNOWING and he and it are currently filming KICK-ASS for Matthew Vaughn.

Extra Tidbit: Looking at that picture, I had no idea Nic Cage had signed on to make an "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" movie.
Source: Variety



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