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Nic Cage goes all Death Wish in this poster and trailer for Seeking Justice


Well, it looks like the start of any typical revenge thriller in SEEKING JUSTICE, but things take a bit of a turn. As usual Nic Cage's character's wife gets put in the hospital and he seeks to make the culprit pay. With the aid of a shifty cop played by Guy Pearce, he does. It seems to go as well as these things do but the cop has more plans for him.

SEEKING JUSTICE was actually shot in New Orleans three years ago- never a good sign, and it's been through at least three titles. Its original (and hysterical) title was HUNGRY RABBIT JUMPS and it was changed briefly to the more simple JUSTICE last year, but it looks like they've settled on SEEKING JUSTICE.

Anchor Bay's bringing this one out to theaters on March 16th. If any movie could have benefitted from full on crazy Cage...

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