Nic Cage shows us his battered face up close and personal in these Drive Angry stills

Do you like to drive? Do you like to DRIVE ANGRY 3D?

Personally, I'd rather DRIVE ANGRY in 2D, but this whole sha-bang-a-bang was filmed in 3D.

I'm pretty curious about the film myself, however, I'm wondering if it might end up having the feel of something like 2008's DEATH RACE. Maybe it's just the use of negative words in relation with driving. There's also the dynamic of the cast. You've got Nic Cage, Amber Heard, David Morse, Billy Burke, William Fichtner, and Katy Mixon from EASTBOUND AND DOWN.

Today, Summit send over 3 new stills from the film as well as some production art. To check out the production art head over to our set interview with director Patrick Lussier right here. The stills include shots of Cage, Fichtner, and Morse. That solo shot of Cage is just beautiful.

Extra Tidbit: I hear that if you watch DRIVE ANGRY 3D backwards you will see the reverse evolution of Nic Cage's hair.



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