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A scooper named 'Dougie Doug' got a chance to see Nicolas Cage's directorial debut SONNY at a test screening in Los Angeles the other night.  As of now, the film doesn't have a distributor and if it's as bad as Dougie says, it may never get one.  To be fair, this is probably the first screening of the film and from here Cage could really trim and nip and tuck and make this thing work.   Let's see what DD has to say in his negative/minor spoiler review (the bracketed, italicized comments are my notes):

Hey Joey! [Actually I dropped the Joey nickname last year, but Hi regardless.]  I got a chance to see Nicholas Cage's new movie "Sonny" the other night and I figured I'd let you know what I thought. I've never sent a review in before so bare with me! All in all this movie was DULLSVILLE big time! This was the plot in a nutshell. A guy named Sonny (the guy from Spiderman who wasn't Tobey Maguire) [James Franco] is a male prostitute and he doesn't like the business. So he enlists in the Army but when he leaves he's still tempted by his mother (I couldn't place the name but she's a respected actress [Brenda Blethyn]) who's like a madam and wants him to continue in their family tradition. Meanwhile Mena Suvari's a hooker who works alongside him and blah blah blah. I can't imagine anyone sitting through this entire thing and saying it was compelling, interesting, or even mildly entertaining. You couldn't relate to the characters, the acting and accents were bad, and Mena Suvari (ECK!) -- need I say more? Halfway through my friend and I looked at each other and asked "what do you think?" We both gave it a bigass thumbs down. About an hour later things hadn't gotten any better and I really had to go to the bathroom, so we left before it ended (although by the time I left the bathroom the theater was letting out so there wasn't much left.) Later on, I talked to a friend who was also there and said I didn't like Sonny, and she said that Nicholas Cage was actually at the screening. (Not uncommon, sometimes they sneak in to hear what the audience says). Anyway, when we left the theater my friend and I were saying "Wow, you're first big directorial debut...you'd think you'd pick something better than THAT, etc...". I'm sure he heard us cause we were being loud. Poor nick. Ah fuck it, he's a millionaire. I don't feel sorry for him.

Yikes, doesn't sound too good.  At least Franco has SPIDER-MAN 2 to fall back on.  Nic Cage might want to think about moving on to GHOST RIDER or another one of the million films his name is attached to.

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