Nic Cage's Drive Angry gets a new teaser poster

Yesterday we brought you our report from the Louisiana set of DRIVE ANGRY 3D, the supernatural action-thriller starring Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard. The film will be at Comic-Con in a big way and we have a sneak peek at one of the banners you'll surely see hanging in the convention floor. It's pretty basic but I like this design much more than a close-up of Cage's face or something similar. The film is a lot different than I had imagined it in the beginning, what with Cage's character escaping from hell and William Fichtner on his tail as an agent of Satan, but I think I'll enjoy that version more than just some half-assed TAKEN wanna-be.

As the convention floor gets set up expect to see a lot more posters, banners, teasers, etc. and I think you know exactly where to stay to see it all first. (Pssst: it's here!)

Extra Tidbit: Check back for even from the set of DRIVE ANGRY 3D.
Source: JoBlo.com



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