Nic Cage's flaming head will be in 3D for Ghost Rider 2

Hotheaded motorcyclist GHOST RIDER is coming back to theaters so fast, he'll blast right through the screen in... 3D!!!

The Sony sequel GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (which, like other Marvel characters at various studios, is being made partially out of necessity or they risk the rights reverting back to Marvel) is scheduled to film with the additional dimension in cost-saving Romania this Fall.

CRANK guys Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are cranking the throttle on the follow-up, and (after some supposed schedule shuffling) Nic Cage comes back as stuntman-turned-fiery-vigilante Johnny Blaze.

No surprise Cage is interested in shooting in 3D, after he raved about the process and results working on Patrick Lussier's shot-in-3D supernatural thriller DRIVE ANGRY.

While details on the GHOST RIDER sequel are unknown, Cage has implied that the hellbiker might be facing vampire supreme Dracula. Or at least checking out his castle.

Extra Tidbit: After witnessing what we ended up with, I'd love to see what Neveldine/Taylor would've come up with on JONAH HEX...
Source: MTV



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