Nichols' High and Low

Mike Nichols will remake Kurosawa's detective thriller HIGH AND LOW (TENGOKU TO JIGOKU). In the movie a businessman loses his company after he pays the money he needs to buy out his competitors, to kidnappers who have taken his driver's son. David Mamet wrote the script, which Marty Scorsese actually commissioned way back in 1999. Nichols' last film was CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR.

Kurosawa is great but don't get too excited because it's David Mamet again. People lavish praise on his hard-boiled dialogue but I defy you to tell me a movie of his, since the 80s that will get you laid. What's this guy's deal? Wow GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS had some witty verbal back and forths but how many crazy kids got naked after they saw it? HEIST? No one gets hot for Gene Hackman's old ass. That's why Andy Tennant is my favorite director. HITCH got me laid like crazy. I spent more time on my back than a corpse the year that movie came out. And really, I think that's what the love and appreciation of film is about.
Extra Tidbit: In the original film, only one scene is in color (where colored smoke rises from an incinerator).
Source: Variety



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