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Nick Cassavetes writing/directing Ronda Rousey Road House remake


MGM is getting things lined up for their ROAD HOUSE remake. With Ronda Rousey already set to star, taking on the bouncer role that Patrick Swayze made famous back in 1989, the studio needed to find someone to actually make the film. Nick Cassavetes is their choice.

Cassavetes has been tapped to write and direct the film, with an eye on heading into production early 2016. Rousey first needs to train and handle her business in November as part of UFC 193 when she steps into the Octagon against Holly Holm. Once that's out of the way, it'll be on to ROAD HOUSE.

According to Variety, it was Cassavetes' ability to write strong female characters in the past - such as in THE NOTEBOOK and THE OTHER WOMAN - that helped him land the film. Now I'm not sure what those films really share in common with ROAD HOUSE, but whatever parallels float their boat.

Source: Variety



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