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Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen fight Chinese warlords in Outcast


I am not sure anything makes sense anymore after seeing the trailer for OUTCAST. First off, it stars Anakin Skywalker himself, Hayden Christensen, and Nicolas Cage as warriors during the Crusades. Secondly, it somehow appears that Christensen has surpassed Cage to gain top billing in the film. Thirdly, the movie appears to have the warrior heroes coming to the aid of Chinese royalty in what could be the most insane and all over the place film I have seen in a long time.

OUTCAST was announced back in 2013 and is headed towards a release in China later this year before it bows in America early in 2015. But, I cannot get past just how bizarre this movie is. I know that I should not be shocked by anything Nicolas Cage makes anymore, but OUTCAST may be the pinnacle of weird choices. Cage seems to be rocking a crazy hairdo yet again and goes wildly from comedic delivery of his lines to dead serious, all the while going in and out of what seems to be an Irish accent.

When the heir of the Imperial throne becomes the target of assassination by his despised older brother, the young prince's only hope is the protection of his sister, and the reluctant aid of war-weary Crusader, Arken (Hayden Christensen), who must overcome his own personal demons and rally the assistance of the legendary Crusader-turned-bandit, Gallain (Nicolas Cage), to return the prince to his rightful place on the throne.

OUTCAST does seem to have the best production values in a Nicolas Cage movie in a very long time, but it still looks pretty damn bad. Plus, when Hayden Christensen takes the lead over an Academy Award winner, you know you have hit rock bottom. Here's hoping OUTCAST is more fun that the trailer leads you to believe.

OUTCAST will debut domestically on February 27, 2015.

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