Nicolas Cage may star in Red Squad for director John McTiernan

We have all been waiting with bated breath for John McTiernan to get out of prison and begin his return to film directing. Last month, we learned that McTiernan scripted a sequel to THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR while he was incarcerated on top of a potential film called RED SQUAD that he is officially attached to.

While McTiernan's financial situation remains in limbo due to bankruptcy issues, RED SQUAD may get underway and now has a potential leading man in the form of Nicolas Cage. Cage, himself no stranger to financial woes, has had a very spastic career over the last decade. Between great performances like the one in JOE, Cage has turned in a batshit filmography comprised mostly of roles he seems to take just for the paycheck. McTiernan's last few films, ROLLERBALL and BASIC, may not have been quite as good as his earlier output, but they were still entertaining movies.

The casting of Nicolas Cage is likely a sure thing since he takes every job offered to him these days, but I would still consider it a rumor until we see a press release. But for now, just imagine the possibilities in pairing Nicolas Cage and John McTiernan.



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