Nicolas Cage to Ghost Ride once more

Well, I already did a CAST THIS column about it, but it turns out that Nic Cage IS set to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze in GHOST RIDER 2 (or GHOST RIDER: THE SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE if you prefer). After the original more than doubled its production budget with revenue, a sequel was mandatory, but I have a strong feeling there’s not going to be nearly as many people as last time turning up.

It was a question mark whether or not Cage would return to the part and join CRANK veterans Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor on the project, but he confirmed he would indeed by leathering up on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson of all places.

THE DARK KNIGHT’s David Goyer wrote the script, though Neveldine and Taylor will probably rework it. No details of a plot have emerged yet, nor do we know who else will show up in the film. It would also probably be a fair bet to presume that this thing will be 3D, though using what kind of tech for that remains to be seen.

Are you pumped about another GHOST RIDER with Cage? Is anyone? Maybe I’m missing some secret fanbase here I don’t know about.

Extra Tidbit: Will we see more CGI abs???



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