Nicole Kidman to co-star with Adam Sandler?

The last time Nicole Kidman tried her hand at comedy, it was the abysmal BEWITCHED. But that's not stopping the Oscar-winning actress from trying again. Kidman has signed on to join the cast of the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston comedy JUST GO FOR IT. Interestingly, Kidman won't even be playing one of the two women in the Sandler love triangle.

In case you were wondering, that is not Nicole Kidman to the right. That is Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker who will take the second female lead in the film. She'll play the dream girl of Sandler who he tries to impress by hiring a single mom (Aniston) to pose as his family. Where does Kidman fit into all of this? It's unclear as the studio is trying to keep it under wraps but it's expected to be more of a supporting role/extended cameo than a lead role.

Kidman can be seen next in the decidedly uncomedic movie RABBIT HOLE with Aaron Eckhart. Decker, who has done some work on "Chuck" and "Ugly Betty" would be making her feature film debut with this filming. Production on JUST GO FOR IT is expected to begin this March.

Extra Tidbit: Easy boys. Decker is married to tennis star Andy Roddick.
Source: THR



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