Nicole Kidman trusts no one in the chilling trailer for Before I Go To Sleep

Like time travel, amnesia can be a tricky plot device. If handled too carelessly, it can come across as lazy writing. However, if approached uniquely, amnesia can revolutionalize a story. The first movie that comes to mind is MEMENTO and the second could very well be BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP. A very popular novel across the globe, BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP has been made into a film by Rowan Joffe starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, and Mark Strong.

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is the type of story fans of GONE GIRL would love. The book is structured as a journal being kept by the main character as she tries to remember her past. While the film seems to be trading that journal for a video camera, but the overall tension should remain intact. The key to this story will be the strength of the leads. Kidman should be fine as the main character, but the meatier roles are perfectly cast with Firth and Strong.

Fans of the novel will likely notice other differences in the trailer alone, but those who will be going into the movie fresh are definitely going to be surprised by where the plot will be going. BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP hits theaters September 12th.

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