Night falls on Pitt

Brad Pitt's Plan B and Paramount are teaming up to bring us THE NIGHT MANAGER, a film based on the John Le Carre novel of the same name. The story centers on the night manager of a European hotel who is recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate the network of a dangerous international arms dealer. Robert Edwards, who wrote and directed the 2006 political satire LAND OF THE BLIND, has been hired to adapt what is considered to be one of Le Carre's best books. The prolific author's dizzying tales of espionage and intrigue have produced some quality films, most notably 2005's THE CONSTANT GARDNER, which was a study in novel-to-screen adaptations done right. Keep in mind Le Carre's work is notoriously labrynthine, making it difficult to adapt, so we here at Joblo would like to wish Pitt and company the best of luck. Good luck fellas!
Extra Tidbit: Dubya is a huge fan of Le Carre's novels, despite the author's outspoken dislike for the former president. I'm just surprised the man can read.
Source: Variety



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