Night of Creeps 2?

For fans of the 80s horror gem NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, it's been a painfully long wait for an official DVD. Now it sounds like it'll be worth that wait.

AICN caught up with director Fred Dekker at a recent screening of the flick, and got the lowdown on what kind of bonus treats to expect. The remastered package will include the original ending, plus deleted scenes, cast commentary and several featurettes (including "Tom Atkins: Man of Action"). Thrill me!

But wait, there's (potentially) more! Apparently Dekker hinted at having ideas for a sequel. There's not much more detail than that, but maybe all the discussion will help get things rolling (preferably before someone else remakes the original, which is probably inevitable).

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS involves alien brain worms who kill and re-animate their hosts, which then attack a local college campus. Only a hot babe, one of the Rusty Griswolds and the great Tom Atkins can stop the invasion. See for yourself:

Extra Tidbit: Dekker also directed cult fave MONSTER SQUAD, and nobody's fave ROBOCOP 3.
Source: AICN



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