Night of Creeps DVD!

For the longest time, it seemed like director Fred Dekker's coveted 80s artifact MONSTER SQUAD would never make it to DVD. And while those classic creatures finally found their way to a glorious digital home, Dekker's other cult fave NIGHT OF THE CREEPS remained languishing in limbo.

But now it sounds like those worn VHS copies can finally be retired as well! Deadpit.com and AICN got word that the movie will be remastered for DVD and potentially Blu-Ray, with a release in October of this year -- parasite zombies just in time for Halloween. Bonus treats will include commentary tracks, a documentary and deleted scenes (including both endings). Thrill me!

For those somehow unfamiliar with this 1986 gem, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS involves alien brain worms who kill and re-animate their hosts, which then attack a local college campus. Only a hot babe, one of the Rusty Griswolds and the great Tom Atkins can stop the invasion.

Extra Tidbit: In a nod to notable genre directors, major characters' last names in CREEPS include Hooper, Cronenberg, Cameron and Romero.
Source: DeadpitAICN



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