Night's Green Planet?

M. Night Shyamalan Teddy from over at M. Night Fans recently alerted us to some news he'd picked up from TMZ and Latino Review that M. Night Shamaglock recently sent out an original screenplay titled GREEN PLANET to several studios and so far, has been given a big ass pass by every one. Fox is apparently the only studio slightly interested in the film, which is rumored to be an alien invasion epic in which the extraterrestrial visitors use the world's flora and fauna to subdue humanity, but they're demanding extensive rewrites. On hearing this, Night flashed back to his Disney LADY IN THE WATER nightmare, collapsed wailing into his pillow, immediately got out his diary and wrote "Why don't they understand, diary? Did they ask Michaelangelo to repaint the Sistine Chapel? Did they ask Einstein to rewrite relativity? No! Why, diary?!? Why?!? Sometimes I think you're the only one who'll ever truly understand me, diary." It's hard out there for a fragile multimillionaire director. Of course, at this point we should probably consider this a rumor until we get more official confirmation.

Extra Tidbit: Night's real name is Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan.
Source: MNightFans



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