Night's Green review

M. Night Shyamalan Let's recap M. Night Shyamalan's spec script story so far: While taking his daily mid-morning nap in his favorite jammies inside his homemade incubator, Shams is hit with an idea for an epic film in which Mother Nature takes revenge on us hurtful, wasteful and exploitative humans by eradicating our entire species. He puts pen to paper (or hands to keyboard, as it were) and in no time a script tentatively titled THE GREEN EFFECT is born. Armed with his favorite Shama Glam power doll (a doll of himself which when squeezed says "the bad people can't hurt you!"), he shops the script around to studios. The script doesn't immediately sell but Shams is given notes which he's able to process with the help of Shama Glam so in the next month he intends to come back with a rewrite, a new cast and budget and once again make the studio rounds. That's where we are so far. Recently, Latino Review got their hands on the script and according to them, it's a solid script that studios would be crazy not to purchase when he shops it around again. There are some definite spoilers so you may wanna think about whether or not you wanna click HERE to check it out. Will Shams' spec sell? Stay tuned for the chilling conclusion to this story (once again, thanks to Teddy from over at MNightFans.com for the heads up).

Extra Tidbit: Beginning with THE SIXTH SENSE, Shams has included a scene from one of his childhood films on each DVD release of his films.
Source: Latino Review



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