Nine moved forward

Rob Marshall's upcoming musical NINE will arrive in cinemas earlier than anticipated, on November 25th, this year. As you probably know the film was inspired by Fellini's 8 1/2 and stars Daniel Day Lewis as Italian filmmaker Guido Contini, a film director who fears he is losing his touch and retreats to a spa for rejuvination. Reality and fantasy blur as several women, ranging from Spanish beauties like Penelope Cruz and elderly Chinese women like Fergie all serve to complicate his life.

I figure this movie will make a shit ton of money, since even for someone who hates musicals as much as I do this is really thrilling. It's like that part of FIRST KNIGHT when Richard Gere runs the gauntlet. Except instead of it being Richard Gere trying to get to the end of the course, it's Daniel Day Lewis trying to win an Oscar. And instead of a wrecking ball and a swinging broad sword and a rotating bridge of fire, it's Nicole Kidman and Fergie and Kate Hudson.
Extra Tidbit: I imagine if Day Lewis wins an Oscar for this he'll probably try and win one voicing hentai or something. Just for the challenge.
Source: Playbill



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