Ninja Assassin talk

We just heard the rumor that director James McTeigue may be taking the reins of the new CONAN project, and it sounds like his work on the upcoming NINJA ASSASSIN might have illustrated his ability to handle the Hyborian Age action.

Boing Boing recently spoke with FX virtuoso John Gaeta (who pioneered the "bullet time" technique in THE MATRIX) and got some insight into NINJA ASSASSIN's action. According to Gaeta (who calls it a "super psycho horror ninja movie"), it will feature "supremo stunts and martial arts" and says there are "no virtual humans in this one." Gaeta says his FX and post-production involvement is nominal: "There is far more going on in this movie with respect to "stunts technology" and innovation with respect to specialized and "next gen" rigs and flying machines."

To demonstrate this claim, Boing Boing has footage of the acclaimed stunt crew 87eleven and ripped star Rain rehearsing impressive and complex maneuvers. Click that lean mean torso down there to check out the vid and full interview with Gaeta, who also discusses the current and future state of tech and entertainment.

Extra Tidbit: Lucky viewers of early NINJA ASSASSIN screenings have reportedly been highly impressed with the action.
Source: Boing Boing



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