Ninja Woo

FACE-OFF (love that film) director, John Woo is attached to direct and produce a big screen adaptation of the upcoming video game NINJA GOLD. The game centres on a member of an ancient ninja tradition dealing with modern day covert warfare. According to producer Terrence Chang, it is inspired by real-world events:

"The game concept is actually based on facts that the Yakuza and the Russian mob are involved in tons of gold being stolen in South Africa."

Apparently, the game and the film are to be developed at the same time, with Woo's flick being "somewhat more grounded in reality. Yeah, because as we all know, John Woo is all about the realism. Like when Cruise pulls up on the front wheel of his motorcycle in MI2 and then kills like fifty guys. That aside though I actually really like the guy's flicks, even his later more popcorn-ish ones like the aforementioned FACE-OFF, although that might just be because Cage and Travolta tear it up. Plus, ninjas are cool by default. Whatever, I like the concept here, although I can't see the video game shaping up well since video games affiliated with movies are notoriously terrible.
Extra Tidbit: John Woo makes a small appearance in Ben Stiller's genius TOM CROOZE skit. Kickin' Impossible!
Source: ShackNews



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