N.Moon ass kicking

By now, it's fair to say that the majority of you strongly dislike NEW MOON.

So, would you like to see Edward get choke slammed by one of the Volturi, Felix? Robert Pattinson getting the sparkly shit beat out of him, may be the only pleasure you non-TWILIGHT'ers get.

The scene is rather self explanatory as you watch. Bella knows too much about the vampire race, and the Volturi want to kill her. In true Edward fashion, he races to save her and in his weakened state gets his ass kicked. Twi-fans have been very curious about when his face breaks as he hits the floor. I know, they are excited about the strangest details.

The books got more exciting as I went through them. The only one I'm having an issue with is Breaking Dawn. It's starting to get a little too emotional for me.

Will any of you actually give this a chance? If you do, it probably won't be until it's finally on HBO or something, right?

Extra Tidbit: Question: Do any of you find Kristen Stewart attractive?
Source: Yahoo Movies UK



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