No Akira for Levitt

Back in February Ain't It Cool reported that Joseph Gordon Levitt was to co-star in a live-action remake of AKIRA for Warner Bros. That's news to Levitt. "That's really just a rumor," Levitt told MTV at the Toronto Film Festival, adding, "that just goes to show what you can believe about what people write about movies." Levitt says that the "loves" the original movie but as far as he knows there isn't even a script for the film yet. Hmm, that makes the reported 2009 release date something of a stretch. Levitt was allegedly set to star as Tetsuo to DiCaprio's Kaneda in the film. Ruairi Robinson was set to direct the film with DiCaprio also producing through his Appian Way production company. A live-action AKIRA has been in the works for some time with a post-BLADE and pre-LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Steven Norrington attached to direct. While I'd love to see a live-action AKIRA movie (and especially one with DiCaprio and Levitt), I also want to make sure it's done right so if that means taking some time, take all the time in the world.

Extra Tidbit: Now I want to go watch Levitt in BRICK again.
Source: MTV



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