No Batman for Gellar

Sorry, Buffy fans... my data-collecting microbots have finally returned from Gotham City, and they're telling me that there's "no truth" to the recent rumor that former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar will have a role in the Batman sequel THE DARK KNIGHT.

When the rumor arose, it quickly led to speculation that Gellar would play the Joker's lover and accomplice Harley Quinn, but it's not even known if the character is in the script, and my microbots could not confirm either way (they're not very good -- hey, I made them myself out of some old Zoids toys and a Radio Shack kit). However, they did record some indecipherable mutterings that another female cast member would be announced soon.

But who could that be? Aside from the returning Rachel (played by Katie proxy Maggie Gyllenhaal), the only other female role we know of is a Latino cop, possibly the big-screen version of Detective Renee Montoya from the early 90s animated Batman series. Yet it's still conceivable that the Joker will receive therapy at Arkham Asylum from one nimble nubile shrink named Dr. Harleen Quinzell. Returning director Christopher Nolan starts production soon, so we'll see a complete cast listing in short order.
Extra Tidbit: Gellar is apparently still married to Freddy Prinze Jr. What's up with that?
Source: JoBlo



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