No Departed sequel

I'm not sure this talk of a sequel is even real, but either way Mark Wahlberg has said that "Until I'm actually on the set it's not happening. It's about as confirmed as THE ITALIAN JOB sequel, THE BRAZILIAN JOB."

Personally, I wouldn't be up for a sequel. I thought THE DEPARTED was outstanding, I'm one of those people that thinks it won Best Picture on merit rather than a been-a-long-time-coming award for Scorsese, or a generally weak year for competition. I thought only THE FOUNTAIN was better (don't get me started). But a sequel? Unless they got Bill Monahan back on board and got him to sign a contract in blood that he would guarantee that he would write a story and dialogue as amazing as the original, I feel like a sequel would be just sullying what was a fantastic piece of work. What do you guys think?
Extra Tidbit: Wahlberg was originally scheduled to be on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Centre but he changed his plans and drove to New York with his buddies instead.
Source: Dark Horizons



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