No Eli for Hostel 3

For reasons we're not exactly sure, Lionsgate is moving ahead with a third HOSTEL movie without the participation of Eli Roth. Now don't get me wrong - I don't think a HOSTEL 3 would be a good idea with Eli Roth but without him, it's an awful idea; a direct-to-DVD mess. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that talks are underway to get a third installment of HOSTEL going despite Roth saying on his MySpace blog to say, "no, I [am] kind of bled out at the moment. Having gone back to back to back with 3 very violent films and a very violent trailer, I suddenly [find] myself thinking of new ideas." That idea is a PG-13, action/sci-fi movie that has yet to be announced (and presumably wouldn't be the much-hyped adaptation of Stephen King's "Cell"). Personally I always felt this movie, whatever it is, should've been Roth's follow-up to HOSTEL instead of a needless sequel. An announcement on Roth's latest project is expected soon and we'll have to wait and see exactly what Lionsgate is cooking up for HOSTEL 3. Maybe instead of boys and then girls, you could do old people in this one. There's some shock value for ya.

Extra Tidbit: Whatever happened to Roth's proposed TRAILER TRASH movie made up entirely of fake trailers?



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