No Fright Night remake

There are so damn many remakes getting stuffed into the pipeline, it's almost impossible to keep track of them all. For example, I'd practically forgotten an update of the memorable 80s vampire flick FRIGHT NIGHT was in the works.

But that's apparently one less to worry about (for the moment), according to STYD, who says that the remake has been staked. It seems that Screen Gems couldn't sink their fangs into a script they liked, and so the update has been stuffed in the coffin for now.

The original involved a young man who is (rightfully) convinced his new neighbor is a bloodsucker. It was followed by a less-succesful sequel and a cast that went on to stuff like "MARRIED WITH CHILDREN" and porn.

The temporary demise of a new FRIGHT NIGHT follows the halting of another attempted remake, NEAR DARK. But don't worry, I'm sure there are plenty more horror remakes on the horizon -- STYD says a redo of the 1981 flick HELL NIGHT is in the works, while my money is on a new version of VAMP.

Extra Tidbit: FRIGHT NIGHT director Tom Holland also directed CHILD'S PLAY and Steven King's THINNER and THE LANGOLIERS.
Source: STYD



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