No joke, 20th Century Fox is developing a movie based on the E*Trade Babies


Looks like 20th Century Fox is the captain of the failboat today.

According to Pajiba, they think that a movie about the E*Trade babies is a good idea. Yes, you heard me correctly. A movie about the E*Trade babies. Now, while I know your head must be spinning a million miles an hour from the catastrophe that is this idea, I know you have questions. One of them being, "Doesn't this movie already exist?" Sort of. It's called BABY GENIUSES. However, those were super smart babies. These babies are of average intelligence, well at least a little above average, they are babies that can talk. Then you might be thinking, "Why did someone think this was a good idea?" I have no f*cking clue. Apparently they think that the people of the world are crazy enough to subject themselves to 90 minutes of that shit (which some of them are). Finally, "Didn't they learn anything from the experience of expanding the world of the Geico Cavemen?" Does it look like it?

Katie Dippold who wrote a few episodes of PARKS & RECREATION will pen the script. They are calling this a "mission movie" about a group of talking babies that are trying to make their way across a playground. I have a message for 20th Century Fox: We only need one talking baby movie and it's called LOOK WHO'S TALKING. Anything else is a waste of time. Plus, those babies creep me the hell out.

In the case that you have never seen the E*Trade baby commercials, I have provided video below. Enjoy?

Extra Tidbit: Geico Gecko, I have mad respect for you.
Source: Pajiba



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