No Kato for Chow?

Kato, The Green Hornet Just a few days ago, we learned the disappointing news that Asian megastar Stephen Chow would not be directing the GREEN HORNET, in which Seth Rogen stars as the titular masked crime fighter who runs a newspaper by day and kicks bad guy ass by night, but he had apparently at least still remained on board as the Hornet's martial arts expert sidekick Kato. However, Chow is now doubtful about playing Kato. He's very interested in an original superhero project with Jack Black, apparently has a very small window to get that started and thinks playing Kato will ruin his chances of doing so. He says, "The timing might not be right for a superhero comedy in two years. And I want to make a movie based on an original idea." He goes on to mention that starring as Kato will depend on his schedule. Bummer.

Extra Tidbit: "The Green Hornet" was originally created for radio in the 1930s.
Source: AP



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