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No Leap for Bakula


Quantum DVD cover

A Quantum Leap feature film or revival series have been reported or rumored so many times over the years that fans like yours truly get increasingly bitter at each new mention. Show star Scott Bakula is much more zen though. Lucky bastard.

Talking to the folks of Moviehole this week, the actor mentioned he'd sure like to see his old show be revived, but has made his peace with the fact that the show is done with him.

"I always have joked that they'll do it, but it won't be with me and Dean, you know," he offered. "Because that's just the way that Hollywood is. If they did a feature, they would recast it. And make it better." Better??? Without Dean Stockwell??? Not in a million years!

Extra Tidbit: If memory serves, Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy, sorry...) were preparing a TV movie centered on Sam's daughter, a few years ago. Wonder where that went.
Source: Moviehole



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