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No Mel for DeNiro


It was going to be a cop thriller featuring two heavyweight Hollywood talents, from CASINO ROYALE director Martin Campbell.

Now EDGE OF DARKNESS has shed a few pounds of fame. Robert DeNiro has bolted from the project shortly after filming commenced in Beantown, leaving star Mel Gibson without someone to grimace toward.

In his first lead role since SIGNS, Gibson plays a homicide detective investigating his own daughter's death, only to discover dark secrets involving corporations and the government, who dispatch an agent (formerly Bobby D.) to clean up the matter.

DeNiro's departure was described as due to the obligatory "creative differences" (just like actors go to hospitals and rehab for "exhaustion"). The movie is still filming, rearranging the schedule until a replacement can be procured. Writer William Monahan (THE DEPARTED) adapted the story from a 1985 BBC miniseries that Campbell directed. The great Danny Huston also stars.

Extra Tidbit: Who's a viable replacement for DeNiro? Jean Reno has some "cleaner" experience...
Source: Variety



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