No Monsters for Docter

UP hits DVD and Blu-ray today and if I may offer up a free advertisement for a multi-billion dollar corporation, you should absolutely make that purchase. UP is truly one of the best films and deserving of one of the 10 Best Picture nominations at the Oscars this year. (Strange though that I think WALL-E is a better film and that didn't get nominated.) So obviously a lot of attention has turned to what UP director Pete Docter will do next.

There were plenty of early rumors that Docter would be working on a sequel to MONSTERS, INC. But in an interview with New York magazine, Docter reveals that might not be the case. When Docter casually mentions that he's begun work on his next film, he's asked if that film is MONSTERS, INC. 2. His response:

I’m not working on...I’m working on something else, but I cannot announce what it is.

While Docter didn't come out and say that he's not doing a MONSTERS, INC. 2, it certainly sounds like that isn't what he's working on. He later adds that if he's starting the project now, it'll take him about four or five years to complete meaning we'll see the film in either 2013 or 2014 (Pixar has announced its films up to 2012).

Extra Tidbit: Before he took the job at Pixar, Docter was offered a job at "The Simpsons."



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