No more Wild Hogs

News is so slow right now that I'm actually gonna bring you guys word on a movie that won't be getting made. Thank sweet Christ that movie is WILD HOGS 2: BACHELOR RIDE.

There doesn't seem to be a definitive reason why the Disney film got chopped, but Variety opines, "it wasn’t immediately clear whether creative challenges played a role in the demise of “Wild Hogs 2,” but the understanding in the community is that getting a production start on a Mouse House film will be a huge challenge if it doesn’t squarely fit the Disney family branded model. It's even tougher for Touchstone films, which are designed to be edgier."

This is the first of three recently shelved Disney family flicks since new studio chairman Rich Ross took control back in October. The other two being 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA and WEDDING BANNED starring Anna Faris and Robin Williams. Speaking of Robin Williams, Variety also goes on to mention that the recent Disney flick OLD DOGS made practically no money and every critic on earth including the ones with terrible taste hated it... which could also have had something to do with the death of HOGS. Hey, at least it was good for something!
Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Anna Faris...
Source: Variety



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