No Sherlock reshoots

I don't know about you, but I learned about the official refuting of reshoots on SHERLOCK HOLMES before I even heard the rumor there was any.

Regardless, such rumors are the proverbial baloney load. Warner Bros. has officially disputed reports (apparently originating in UK tabloid The Sun) that director Guy Ritchie had to round up the project's principals to make some repairs: "It is still early in the production process, and the studio has not yet seen the movie. Both Warner Bros. and Guy Ritchie are very pleased with the footage they have seen thus far."

Reshoots seem to be a hot topic now that every tiny aspect of a film's production is delineated by hundreds of entertainment sites, TV shows, magazines and newspapers, but (as the studio says) inserts and pickup shots, in addition to new footage required during editing or test screening, have long been a standard part of filmmaking and don't necessarily carry negative connotations (look at movies like THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM for a good example).

Extra Tidbit: Richard Dreyfuss starred in a 1974 film called INSERTS, about porn film production.
Source: THR



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