No Tarantino on TV

It's a marriage that would've been made in fanboy heaven: Quentin Tarantino and "Heroes." Apparently NBC and the producers of "Heroes" reached out to Tarantino to see if he'd be interested in directing an upcoming episode of Season Two. Sadly Tarantino said no. Actually he said, "I haven't even seen the f***ing show! What the f*** is 'Heroes'?" Ahh, you gotta love Quentin! The director was out promoting the release of DEATH PROOF on DVD and revealed the news to The Sun that he was being courted. As you might imagine, Tarantino is courted quite often to work on TV as he takes such time in between his feature projects. He's only direct two TV episodes: one for "ER" and another for "CSI." And as much as I love Tarantino, neither were anything groundbreaking. So I guess I'd rather have the man focus on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS or whatever he's kicking around in that head of his. I know GRINDHOUSE was just earlier this year but don't make us wait so long next time dude! "Heroes" returns to NBC Tarantinoless next Monday.

Extra Tidbit: Kevin Smith confirmed at Comic-Con this year that HE will direct an episode of "Heroes" this year.
Source: The Sun



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