No Tink till 2008

If you've gotten any Disney DVDs recently you've likely seen the teaser trailer for the upcoming animated TINKERBELL movie. Today's DVD release of PETER PAN will include the full trailer for the film, which has Tink voiced by Brittany Murphy. Only problem is, that trailer could be for a film you'll never see. TINKERBELL was moving ahead and about 80% complete until Disney head John Lasseter saw an early screening. He took issue with the fact that Peter Pan and the gang were character rendered in CGI and said, in no uncertain terms, he would not support any Tinkerbell film that included Peter Pan. New story pitches were requested and one went over so poorly that Lasseter reportedly almost shut down production entirely. In the end, director Brad Raymond delivered a new pitch Lasseter loved but would require a "90% change" in the film. Lasseter, looking to protect classic Disney characters, pushed back the release date of the film from fall of 2007 to fall of 2008 even though it conflicted with the fall 2007 launch of the "Disney Fairies" line of toys. Does this mean Disney will finally stop using movies simply as a tool to sell toys? Dunno but it's a good sign. For more on this saga click here to read the whole magilla.

Source: O-Meon



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