No Under Siege 3, but

You may recall reading some buzz around this here internets about a rather decent UNDER SIEGE 3 script recently making the rounds. But while soldier-chef Steven Seagal and Warner Bros. (who owns the franchise) won't be reuniting for more action with pie-making Navy SEAL Casey Ryback, that doesn't necessarily mean the screenplay itself has a kitchen knife jammed through its brainpan.

According to captured spy 'Stranix Junior', the well-received UNDER SIEGE 3 script has been retooled as a stand-alone actioner now operating under the title URBAN COMBAT. The new property is making the studio rounds, and word has it that the WWE folks might be interested in getting involved with the project, possibly as another vehicle for rassler John Cena of THE MARINE (which is doing explosive biz on home vid).

I'll try to extract more info from our prisoner, but for now it looks like the UNDER SIEGE 3 rumors can be put to rest. Bad news for any and all remaining fans of Seagal, Erika Eleniak and, of course, Nick Mancuso.
Extra Tidbit: Seagal has churned out no less than thirteen direct-to-video flicks since his last theatrical release, 2002's HALF PAST DEAD.
Source: JoBlo



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