Noah Baumbach replaces Ron Howard on The Emperor's Children

With Ron Howard stepping out to direct Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in an untitled comedy about infidelity, a hole was left for Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment's THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN. That hole's now getting plugged by the film's own screenwriter, Noah Baumbach (GREENBERG, MARGOT AT THE WEDDING, THE SQUID AND THE WHALE).

The film, an adaptation of Claire Messud's 2006 best-selling novel, centers on "a trio of Brown University graduates who are approaching their 30s with trepidation as they struggle to realize the lofty expectations held for their personal and professional lives." The novel also apparently took place in the months leading up to and following 9/11. Will any of that be incorporated into the final film? Maybe. Just don't count on any embellishments that would rival REMEMBER ME's hilariously retarded ending.

So far, the cast consists of the beautiful Keira Knightley, the handsome Richard Gere, and the beautifully handsome Eric Bana. The "dramedy" is looking to start shooting this summer while it continues to look for additional financiers.

Baumbach's latest work, GREENBERG, can be seen in theaters right now. He's also currently at work rewriting the Brett Ratner film TOWER HEIST.
Extra Tidbit: In case you don't know, the REMEMBER ME retardation I refer to above can be read about RIGHT HERE. Spoilers!
Source: The Wrap



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