Noir Frankenstein?

Seems like no matter how many horror movies get made, someone will always find a way to put a different spin on old ideas. Like, say, transposing Mary Shelley's classic (and public domain) Frankenstein's Monster to the modern day... as a hard-boiled gun-toting action hero with a dash of Chandler? Sure, why not!

I, FRANKENSTEIN, to be adapted from an upcoming comic, is "a re-imagining of the Frankenstein mythos in a modern day setting," and will also feature his encounters with other well-known creatures like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Invisible Man and Dracula. 

The project comes from people who know the genre intimately -- writer Kevin Grievoux (who co-created the UNDERWORLD series) and director Patrick Tatopoulos, a design and FX veteran who also recently filmed UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS.

And that's not all -- horror journalist extraordinaire Ryan Rotten (of STYD) and IESB.net webmaster turned hotshot producer Robert Sanchez are also involved in breathing new life into Frank's reanimated corpse! Congrats, fellers!

Find out more HERE and HERE!

Extra Tidbit: Plenty of good material to work with (utilize, borrow, etc.) out there in the public domain -- get cracking, aspiring writers!
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